II Happy New Owners
Happy New Owners II
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This page is dedicated to Happy New Owners who have adopted a puppy from us. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Established - 2001 ) Last Update. December 09, 2006.

 If you have purchased a pup from us. Please send us your picture and we will add it to this page.  Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy.

To set the record straight, Brix lives in Michigan with Tiffany. Tiffany can't be trusted !!! She breaks verbal agreements. Be careful !!! When dealing with her, get it in writing. Anybody associated with her. Well, Be careful !!! Birds of the same feather, flock together. Brix was sired from Morocco not Chico. Morocco was stolen in a back yard with two other dogs in Memphis, Tennessee. Nice neighborhood huh !!!

To set the record straight, again. Fifi was sired from Chico and lives in Ohio. Thanks Misty. Paul & Cindy

My name is Shelby and just look at Mom & Dad. Beautiful !! Huh. just ! like me. I am now living in Ohio and I'm Loving it. Thank You!! Tim checked with many local breeders in the Akron, Canton and Clevelend, Ohio. Area. He discovered that the dogs were no where near the standard of the breed and the living, environments. where disgraceful. They were all hiding, something. Sad but true. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Lisa, Frank and their new pup, Santino. The day they picked up Santino at our house. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Hi Paul and Cindy, I have attached a few more up to date pictures of Santino. He just turned a year old about a month ago and Frank and I can really see changes in him as he grows up... He is very well behaved and we both love him so much. We weighed him about 2 or 3 months ago and he was 68 lbs and he seems to have gotten bigger since then. His ears seem to have gotten bigger which means his head is going to be catching up soon. You can really see the bull terrier shaped head developing in his profile. He is really great with the cat and as much as they try to make us think that they are enemies we catch them cuddled up sleeping on the couch all the time. Thank you so very much for this special dog, we can't imagine life with out him. Thank you again, Lisa and Frank

Wow!! Kerry is one Classy lady and she Adores her Beautiful pup. Thank You Kerry!!! Your a very Sweet Lady. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Pedro with his new pup Ziggy, When we met him. Thanks!! Pedro

Hey!! How come Ziggy is with other dogs, the books and several sites say this is not possible. Well !! Pictures don't lie do they. The bull terrier can't be trusted, Sure. Don't believe everything you read.

Wow!!! What a Birthday present for this Beautiful little lady. Happy Birthday Taylor. Thank you Dave & Heather !!! Your both Model parents with a Beautiful family. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Karen and family really Love Thor. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Thor is Beautiful. Cute huh!!!

Check out Thor now. 1 year old and 65 pounds!! Nice. The color of his front legs are from his chew bone.

Paul & Cindy, This is Sarah from Kentucky. I am Ben's girlfriend and we had taken some pictures of Chico and I wanted to send them to you all just to give you an update on him. He is growing like crazy and is full of energy! He is absolutely wonderful to have around! He does really well with my girls and they love him like he is their brother. He went to the vet Friday for more shots and he now weighs almost 30 pounds. Thank you all once again for working with Ben on the payments! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Chico is our Chico's boy. Nice huh!!

Wow!!! Check out Wilson from Louisiana. He is Incredible!!! 8 months old and 60 pounds and should be a 75 - 80 pound adult. He won't stop growing until he's 2 years old. Wow!!! He's going to be Big. Slade and family are very Happy, So Happy. that they are on our waiting list for a red & white female. Thanks!! Slade. Your the Best!!! Paul & Cindy

Here is the picture I promised. This is Samantha, Tank and Hunter. We decided to call the puppy Tank. We all love him very, very much. Thank you so much. The Kibby Family. Thank You Laura and Aaron. Your the Best !!! Paul & Cindy

Chris and sister Whitney of Michigan just Adore their Beautiful brindle female pup Ellie Mae. Thank You Chris and Whitney your both Beautiful!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Just wanted to write in and tell you that Ellie Mae is doing great. She's the love of the neighborhood, everyone tells me what a neat dog i have. Thank you so much hope all is well. Chris Doubleday

Jim & Jane really Love their new pup, Cookie. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Tony and family, Love their new puppy. Roxie!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

William of Michigan really Loves his Beautiful all white female. Thank You William!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Jc of Virginia really Loves his Large male pup, his name is Arsen. In greek means Strong. He is one Big Boy!! Look at the head on this pup and he is only 12 weeks old. Wow!! Arsen will be a 70 - 75 pound dog when mature. Thank You Jc. Paul & Cindy

Just wanted to thank you all so much for the wonderful dog I love him, he is constant entertainment and always up for some fun, and at one year old, he is already around 70 lbs.! Thanks again. Jc

I just wanted to let you know that we named our boy, Hurley. He is awesome and he is doing great. I will be in touch and send you pictures when he is a little bigger. Thanks!!! Doug and Michelle. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

This is Krista and Jeff when they picked up Guinness at our house.

Guinness is one crazy bull terrier! he has such a funny personality! when jeff and i take him for walks around the neighboorhood all we get is compliments! everyone is like WOW what a cool dog! so everyone loves him! we love him sooo much! we want to get him a sister in the next few years a white female bull terrier, but no time soon. we are planning on buying a home with an acre or two before we get any more dogs! take care!

Hi Paul and Cindy!!! How are things going? everything is going great here! just wanted to give you an update on Guinness. we have decided to get him neutered...no date is set yet for the surgery though. Guinnness is doing very well, he is now almost 17 months old and weighs 62 lbs. We just love him, we treat him like our child! we have recently put him on a half and half diet, half kibble and half raw food. he is doing very well on it and he loves it!

Aaron is one Big man and his Beautiful pup Akilles will be just like Daddy, Big !!! Thank You Aaron. Paul & Cindy

As you can tell by Krista's Beautiful smile, She really Loves her Beautiful brindle female. Thank You Krista!!! You are a very Special Lady. Paul & Cindy

Eddie and his Beautiful lady, Jessica!!! Love their new male puppy. Thank You Jessica!!! You are one of a kind. Paul & Cindy

Mike and his Fine Family Really Love Bella. Thanks Mike, Your the Best!!! Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!!! This is Bella when she is 13 weeks old. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out Bella, Now. Incredible!!! Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Todd, Mandy, Syd and Seth, Adore. Their Beautiful !!! all white female, Evie. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Bill really Loves his new pup, Diego!!! Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!! Check out Diego, now. pretty Impressive. Thank You!!! Sue & Bill. Your the Best!! Paul & Cindy

Tara and Savannah, Adore their new puppy. Spud. Thanks!!! We know you will give him an Excellent home. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! We did thanks to a WONDERFUL FAMILY WITH A HUGE HEART!!!!!! Thanks so much, you don't know how much we appreciate your generosity. Love the Gonda-Giles Famliy Tara, Aaron, Austin and Savanna.

James and Mary Ann, Adore their Beautiful puppy. Jaz.Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Rick & Ronnie are proud owners of Chico Jr of Illinois. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

This is Rick & Roxy when Roxy was delivered to Illinios. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

This is Chico Jr and Roxy relaxing. Check out Chico Jr, He's Massive!!! Thanks!!! Rick & Ronnie. Your the Best!!! Paul & Cindy

Gene of Nebraska, really Loves their Big!!! Beautiful, female. Venus. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Katie of Nebraska knows her all white male. Rutger!!! is Incredible. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

John of Colorado is very Happy with his Beautiful female, Mia. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Carlos and his daughter.Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Carlos, Beautiful little girl!!! holding, one of her two male pups. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Carlos with both brothers. Thank You!! Carlos. What a father you are. Paul & Cindy

Andrew of Minnesota is very Happy with his Beautiful brindle pup, Rayn. Thank You!!! Andrew.Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out this Beautiful couple!! Jason and Jacqueline of New York, Love their Beautiful pup. Mugsie. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Ed, flew into Grand Rapids Michigan from Houston Texas to pic up his little Beauty, so she could fly back with him in the cabin for a safe ride. Ed, You are the Man!! Thank You. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Shawna and Zuriel of Michigan. Absolutely Adore their Beautiful black brindle female, Kira!!! Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!!! Kira is a Beauty huh. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Hello! Hope all is well with you guys. We saw that you had a new litter - congrats! We are so thrilled with Kira and just wanted to drop a little note with a pic. She is getting SO big - 26 Lbs last week at the vets. We take her out to my parents horse farm and she tears all over the place - she gets to run free in the hay fields and she just bounces everywhere. Take care! Zuriel & Shawna Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Jack and Kim of Illinois, Love their new pup. Petey!!! Thank You!! Jack and Kim, Your Great!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!!! Kim and Petey are Incredible.Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Petey, Loves the camera. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Jaremy & Shela of Michigan, Adore! their new puppy. Nadia. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Bling sleeping with her little sister. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Amy of Illinois, Loves. Bling!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Joey of Louisiana is very Impressed with his Beautiful puppy, Izabella. Thank You! Joey & Tammy your both Incredible.Paul & Cindy

Izabella and her little brother. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Well Tanner placed 4th with Izabella at the Fair Pet Show and out of 40 dogs. She did very well...I am glad we went. I am sure next year we will win it all. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Jesse from Miami Florida, is very Impressed with new male pup, Patton!! Thanks to our Exclusive delivery team, Another Safe Delivery. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Maryjane of Florida is the Proud new owner of, Ruby. Thank You Maryjane and Thanks again, to our Exclusive delivery team for another safe delivery. Paul & Cindy

My name is Gina and My Mom, Fiona!! is very happy with me. Thank You Fiona of Wisconsin . Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Here's another Sharp couple, Mike & Lisa of Michigan are very Happy with their male pup, Tyson. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!! look at Tyson, now. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Fiona ( above ) is very Proud of her little Beauty, Gina. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy