IIII Happy New Owners
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This page is dedicated to Happy New Owners who have adopted a puppy from us. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy. ( Established - 2001 ) Last Update June 23, 2012.

Hi I am Shelby,I grew up in Ohio but now We live in east TN Thank You, Tim & Carol !! your the " Best " Paul & Cindy

Joe from Long Island New York knows his Awesome puppy, Buddy is one Bad boy !! Thanks Joe your the Best. Paul & Cindy

Justin of Illinois, Loves his new puppy. Thank You !! Paul & Cindy

Christine of Ohio, Loves her Beautiful puppy Zoey !! Thank You, Paul & Cindy

Todd & Lori of Indiana Love little Beauty !! Thank You, Paul & Cindy.

Laura of Michigan, Loves her little Beauty !! Thank You, Paul & Cindy

Marlene and kids of Michigan, Love their little Beauty !! Thank You, Paul & Cindy