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We have 5 females and 1 male, All females have Champion Bloodlines, Archie also has Champion Blood lines. Pedigree provided upon request. Last Update February 23, 2010.

Brittney ( left ) Mikayla and Jasmine are sisters. All three are retired this year, 2007. They started it all for us!!!

Mojo ( left ) is Mikayla's daughter. Mariah

Red & White Beauty !! Shania.

Olivia is Brittney's, Daughter.

Jazz, Olivia & Chico's Daughter. Brittney's, Grand. Daughter.

An example of Chico's massive size, His head is so Big that it is nearly double the size of a female bull terrier and he weighs 70 pounds. Chico has a excellent temperament and a puppy mentality. Chico is now retired ( 2008 )

Amazing " Archie " of Backwoods. A solid 65 pounds, as for his head, well. The picture speaks for itself. He is a little dirty.