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We don't over breed our dogs like the midsouth and southern breeders which breed their females, 4, 5, 6 times ( Southern Style ) in a row and Lie about it, with no rest or until they Die!!! this weaken's the pups and the mothers immune system. Be careful of the Midsouth and Southern Smooth talkers!! there full of lies. TRUST is the key word, can you TRUST them ??? It is possible to request records showing registered litters from Akc with the breeders permission and how often the females are bred. Request records and you will see that most breeders are breeding there females several times in a row with No rest and some even as young as 6 months old. Wow!!! Akc records don't lie but Midsouth and Southern Smooth talking breeders do. Then you will see who's breeding there females, heat cycle after heat cycle and then lie about it!!! Midsouth and Southern lip service is a Bunch of Lies 99% of the time, make them prove thru Akc records that there not over breeding there females and then lie about it on there web sites!!! Question them on how often there females are bred and don't take there word for it, Because they will lie to you. make them prove it thru Akc records and you won't buy one of there pups because you won't hear from them again!!! We rarely breed our females two times in a row. If we do, they get a year rest. Automatic. Do your home work and watch web sites and you'll see that it's all about quantity and not quality. We strive for Quality!!! With No lies and No Bull.

Last Update. January 20, 2015.