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I Happy New Owners
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This page is dedicated to Happy New Owners who have adopted a puppy from us. Thank You!! ( Established - 2001 ) Paul & Cindy

 If you have purchased a pup from us. Please send us your picture and we will add it to this page.  Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy. Last Update May 31, 2007.   

Tim & Jackie are surprising Jackie's dad ( Jack ) for Fathers day with this Beautiful female pup, Tiggy. Thank You Debbie!! Your the Best. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!!! This is Tiggy at 1.5 years old and another puppy ( Indy ) purchased from Jackie's Grand mother ( Right ) Sharon of Illinois. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Sharon of Illinois really Loves Tiggy ( Left ) Tiggy is Owned by her daughter, Debbie , Jackie and family of Illinois. Now. Grandma has her own puppy, Indy. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Jc of Virginia really Loves his Large male pup, his name is Arsen. In greek means Strong. He is one Big Boy!! Look at the head on this pup and he is only 12 weeks old. Wow!! Arsen will be a 70 - 75 pound dog when mature. Thank You Jc. Paul & Cindy

Dear Paul and Cindy, Lindsay and I just love our new puppy, we and her are healthy and very happy. Her name is Jayda and she just loves her new home. We seem to be adjusting very quickly. Thank you so much so for our beautiful new puppy.We'll keep in touch, take care, Jamie, Lindsay, and Jayda. Beautiful!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Look at Gracie now at 6 months old. She is a Beauty!!! Carolyn is looking pretty sharp too. Wow!! Thank You Carolyn. Paul & Cindy

WOW!!!! Check out Rosco of Connecticut. He is Awesome looking huh. Thank You Pamela. Your a Very Sweet Lady. Paul & Cindy

This is Patty & Chris from Michigan. They are very pleased with their Beautiful brindle & white female. All 3 are Beautiful!!! Dont you agree. Wow!!! Can't forget the Hummer either. Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Bart of Michigan really Loves his all white female.Thank You Bart. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Tonka of Indiana is one fine looking pup, Don't ya think!! Phil owns both Tonka & Crystal ( picture to the right ) One day they will make some Beautiful puppies. Both were purchased from us with different blood lines and Tonka came from a breeder in Ohio. Thanks Phil your the Best!!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Just look at Crystal ( left ) of Indiana Jazlyn really Loves her. Thank You Phil. Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! This is Sophia at 6 months old. She is Incredible. Thanks Ken & Donna from Kentucky.for this Beautiful picture. Paul & Cindy

This is Sadie Ann of Indiana. Jan is a very proud owner of her Beautiful girl. Thank You!! Jan. Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out this fine looking couple from Ohio. Jimmy, Kathy and their dog Rudy. Rudy is an Incredible dog!!! Look how Big he is and he's only 9 months old also. Thank You Jimmy & Kathy

Ken & Donna from Kentucky really Love their little, Beauty!! Sophia. Thank You!! ( Photo taken @ our house ) Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out Ringo of Ohio. He is one fine looking pup!! Chad and Cathy really Love him. Hi Paul & Cindy. We just wanted to send you some new pictures of Ringo. He is doing really good and we enjoy and love him alot. I also wanted to let you know that our Vet is really impressed with him. She commended you guys on the great job you do breeding your dogs. She said she hasn't seen a bull terrier of such good quality in a long time. Thank You !! Paul & Cindy

HI Paul, Here are updated pictures of Truman, our very handsome boy! He’s doing great! Emma, our bull terrier mix just loves him! Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family! Lisa, Dennis and Nichole. Wow!!! Truman in this picture is only 6 months old and look at his size.

Wow!! Check out Deven of Virginia. Jason & Ginger are a Beautiful couple and they are Very Proud of Big Boy Deven and get this, He is only 6 months old in this picture. He will be a Big Boy like Daddy. Deven's nick name is the Cookie Monster. Thank You Jason & Ginger. Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! This is Lynkon from Pennsylvania. he is a 60 pound Brute, very Impressive head too. He looks Incredible huh!! Thank You Don & Amy. Paul & Cindy

Tony and boys really love their Beautful!!! All white female. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Both Zoya ( left ) and Tara were purchased from us with different blood lines so they could be bred to the Big boy ( Chico ) Both are my brother Dan and his family's dogs which they live in Michigan. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Kris is one Classy Lady and she is very happy with her new puppy!! Isabella. Thank You Tom & Kris. Paul & Cindy

Isabella !! What a Beauty. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

William and his fine looking family are very happy with their new pup Ace. Thank You William and Joann your the Best!!! Paul & Cindy. I just wanted to take the time to thank you and cindy. Ace is doing fine came right in our home and fell right in line with the family. Will send pic around x- mas. You and your wife are doing a fine job with breeding lovely pups. P.S. We will return when its time for our second pup. Thank You!! William & Joann.

Roger & Pam of Iowa just Love their all white female, Thank You !! Paul & Cindy

Kevin ( left ) wife Lee, Andrew and Lena Love Bruno. Bruno has a Beautiful Loving family. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )<

Wow!!! Check out Bruno now, 7 month's old. He's is Incredible!!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Guinness is very Impressive!!! He lives in Michigan with the couple pictured to the right. Guinness weighs 55 pounds at 9 months old. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!! This is one Beautiful couple, don't ya think. Guinness their new pup is on Krista's lap and Chico is on Jeff's lap . Thank You Jeff & Krista. Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!!! Guinness of Michigan. He's not very happy on his vets examination table waiting for his examination. He's has a Beautiful head and he is one Bad Boy!! He is 60 pounds in this picture and is 10.5 months old.

Karanne and family of Michigan really Love their new pup Thor. Beautiful looking family huh!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Check out Pip!! She is a year old in this picture, The picture to the right is when she was a pup. Thank You Chuck!! Paul & Cindy

Check out this little Beauty!! Pip from Wisconsin. Thank You Chuck. Paul & Cindy

John & Amy's Beautiful daughter and their new pup Bling. Thank You !! Paul & Cindy

John ( right ) and his brother in law really Surprise Amy ( picture to the right ) for CHRISTmas.Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Amy, Surprise !!! Hello Paul, Well I just wanted to let you know she is doing wonderful! A great puppy and so much fun! We have started our show dog career already, she went to a match this weekend and took 1st in the Terrier group!! Beating out 4 other puppies in the terrier division! I was very proud of her! She loves to show off!! I call her "Bling" !!! I will update you with pictures soon. She is Gorgeous! Thanks again. Amy Lauer. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

I can't wait to meet Mom & Dad!! I'm told they are Beautiful. Yep!! Just look at Dad, he is one handsome dude huh!! I was Safely delivered in a Car on December 13, 2005 to Birmingham Alabama and thats where home is. Thank You!! Malcolm & Cheri. Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Check out Sadie of Wisconsin. She's a Beauty just like her Mom, Barb. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Pedro of Illinois really Loves his new pup Ziggy!!! Look at the size of Ziggy and he's only 8 weeks!! He's going to be a Big boy just like daddy ( Chico ) Thank You Pedro!! Paul & Cindy

William of Michigan looks Great with his new pup General Ice. Thank You William!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Zac of Illinois really Surprised his mother Alice with this Beautiful patch eye female for CHRISTmas. Thank You Zac & Brandy!! Paul & Cindy

Eddie & Katherine of Wisconsin are very happy with their all white female and she is a little Beauty!! Thank You Eddie & Katherine. Paul & Cindy

Mary of Michigan Really Loves her new male pup, Thank You Mary!! you are Incredible and very Special!! Paul & Cindy

Shawn and his Beautiful family really Love their brindle & white male pup and they live in New York. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

These two Beautiful sisters which live in Wisconsin, Really Love sheena ( left ) and Domi!! Both pups were purchased from us, Excellent looking pups huh!!Thank You Joe & Karen!! Your both Great. Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out Roxie from Pittsburgh Pa. she lives in the same area where the high society bull terrier breeders live but they purchased her from us because we have No strings attached and No contracts or co-ownerships. Kent could not find a Quality dog in the area with out the Bull !!! Thank you Kent. Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Check out Oliver of Minnesota. He is a Beauty!! Thank you !! Paul & Cindy

Paul & Gayle of Michigan, really Love their Beautiful brindle & white female. Thank you !! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

As you can tell by Dena's Beautiful Smile. She Loves her new puppy. This note is just to let you know how much me and my family love our puppy. We named her Jorja (sounds like Georgia). It's hard to imagine our home without her now. She is doing so well with her potty training, and she is just terrific with the kids. Thank You Dena you are very Special !! Paul & CindyThank You!! Paul & Cindy

Both Jolee ( Above ) and Nigel ( right ) were purchased from us. Jim & Nancy of Indiana are proud owners and are Beautiful God Fearing Christians. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Check out Nigel of Indiana, He has a Huge head and he is one Big Boy!! He tips the scales close to 70 pounds. Thank You Jim & Nancy. Paul & Cindy

Wow!! Check out this Beautiful couple from Michigan. Kc & Katie are very happy with their Beautiful new female pup, Nixon. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Wow!! Shane and his fine looking sons traveled by car cross country for their Beautiful brindle male pup, Sam. Thanks Shane!! your the Man!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

This is Sam hard at work with Shane ( left ) Wow!! look at the markings on Sam. He is Incredible!! Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Lauren of Michigan really Loves her brindle & white male, Bullie is his name and he was Miracle from God!! This pup was only 3 ounces when he was born, the size of a colored mouse. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

This is Bullie at 1 year old and look at his size. He is perfectly Healthy and Lives in Ann Arbor Michigan. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Kc & Katie of Michigan!! Love their little Beauty, Nixon. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Just look at Erin's Beautiful Smile tells the story. Erin Loves her new pup. Her name is patch eye and they live in Nebraska. Thank You Erin you are Beautiful. Paul & Cindy

Look at the head on Chico Jr of Illinois, He is a very Impressive 65 pound 13 month old!! and still growing!! Rick & Ronnie Really Love him. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Debra and Doug of Michigan are very excited and adore their new pup, Jayda. Thank You!! All three of you are Beautiful!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Charee of Washington state, Loves her new puppy. Thank You!! Paul & Cindy

Slade and his Beautiful wife really Love their new pup Wilson. Wilson was delivered safely by car, from Michigan to Louisiana. Thanks!!! Fred, Julie and Myles for potty training and delivery of Wilson. Thanks Slade your the Best!!! Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Maria & family Really Love Rocco. Rocco is now living in Indiana with his Beautiful family!!! Thank You Maria !!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

My name is Abby and I can't wait to meet my new Mommy, Kia. I hear she is a Beauty !!! Yep, Mom is a Beauty and Dad is pretty cool. Thank You Brett & Kia !!! Paul & Cindy ( Photo taken @ our house )

Lisa & Frank of Michigan really Love their new pup Santino. Thank You Lisa & Frank!!! ( Photo taken @ our house ) Your a Sweet and Beautiful couple. Paul & Cindy

John & De De really Love their Beautiful little girl. I was safely delivered by car to St Louis Missouri. Today. May, 27, 2006. Thank You John & De De. Your the Best!!! Paul & Cindy

Wow!!! Check out Daisy of Wisconsin, She is a Beauty!!! Thank You Scott and Andrea. The above picture and the right picture are of Daisy. Paul & Cindy

Hi Paul & Cindy. We finally found something Daisy likes to do! She will be featured in the July, 2006. Foster & Smith's Catalog in the Breed Profile :-) and has a few photos in the Dog.com catalog too. She is a great model. (Obedience classes were less than fun for her.) Thank You!!! Paul & Cindy

Steven and Michal are a Beautiful couple and they adore their Beautiful female pup Cody. Thank You Steven & Michal !!! Paul & Cindy( Photo taken @ our house )