Memphis Con Queen
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NewsFlash!! Read the very bottom of this page. Ouch!! December 16, 2007. We are not associated with any Bull Terrier Breeders in the state of Michigan,None!! Why?? Read this page and the rest of this site and you will read why. We do have one breeder friend in New York, Joe. Joe is the only Trustworthy, Bull Terrier Breeder, that I can Trust!! No matter, what. ( see Nixon's pups page ) Compare stud males out there and you will see lite weights with little heads and weigh 50 pounds soaking wet.  We do not edit our pictures to increase the size of our studs like she does. You know she's desperate when she's selling her bull terriers puppies for $ 600.00. Thats what happens when people can't Trust ya and the words out, Don't expect much of a bull terrier for $ 600.00 either. She currently has her puppies listed under, puppyfind for $ 1200.00 as of November 22, 2007. But the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!! Watch out for Northern Ohio also, She has a connection there that has our blood lines and breeding them with her blood lines which means. Birds of the same feather flock together. So you can put her Nothern Ohio connection in the same category as her, why! They are friends and partners in cons and lies!!  Can you trust any breeder in the Akron Ohio area,that has our dogs from Chase Michigan. None! that I know of. Here's what another breeder says about the Con Queen,which they are of the same race. Nothing surprises me about her. You know her kind, they sponge and suck off of society and abuse and violate everything they can and now she's destroying the bull terrier breed and selling her pups for $600.00 dollars which enables every form of low life to buy and Destroy this breed like they have with the pit bull. She's a first Class, Loser!!!  How can you trust somebody that bought a male from her and is her partner, Akron Ohio.  Be careful and do your home work. She is now lying and Telling people that her main stud weighs, 70 pounds when not breeding and 65 pounds when breeding, Wow!!! The lies never end with this women. Disgraceful !!! Even when she edits the pictures you can tell he is a lite weight and weighs no more than 52 pounds ( her words ) and he has the smallest head of all of her dogs, including her females.  ( her words ) Deception is the name of her game. I guess when you have such a small stud male with a little head, Justify's it!!!  Now thats a trustworthy breeder. A breeder is only as trustworthy as the neighborhood they choose to live in!!! A Corrupt neighborhood. Well !!! would you call it a corrupt neighborhood when 3 dogs are stolen out of her back yard. Ouch!!! You know you live in a bad neighborhood when you a have 10 ft privacy fence and they still steal her dogs. The dogs have to be supervised at night time or they get stolen. Corruption breeds Corruption. She actually bred one of the sisters at 6 months old and had a litter of 7 at 8 months and all pups died except one plus she bred her 4 times in a row with no rest and her sister 4 times in a row. She will probably breed the newest family member, 4 in a row!!! too. Hopefully the previous owner of the new family member is watching and will stop her before she breeds her 4 in a row and that guy trusts her. Wow!!!  Ya, She follows the code of ethics. It's all documented thru AKC. How about the neighbor her husband promised a pup and a $ 1000.00 for stud service and lied and covered up the pregnancy. I wonder how she registered those pups, Legally!!! Wow!!! Wait till there neighbor reads this. Key word. DNA. Ouch!!!  She owes, 3 pups to 3 parties from two years ago that she and her husband agreed to. How about the guy in Texas that she sold her last stud male to, Flash. She never told him about the Major under bite ( teeth ) disorder in his genetics and the guy is a breeder. She told him that she wanted a different color male. I see the guy was selling Flash a few months ago on puppyfind. Yet he trusted her. And now when he reads this, He will know what she did to him. As you read, She's a Con Queen and have alot of people fooled. Not me. Now you read why I chose to end our friendship, one year ago. We don't associate with people like her and her husband. Bad News!!! Sad but true again!!! Key word, Trust!!!  This web site is very controversial but the truth is always controversial and most breeders live in a deceptive and delusional world and we expose them for what they really are.  Cons and Liars!!! Truth. most can't handle it. We do, Loud and clear. Average prices bring average dogs and you get what you pay for!!! So, if your an Impulse buyer. Be careful. She is very polite and very Smooth but she lies and violates and abuses everything she can. It's a learned behavior and a way of life for her and husband. What an example for the kids!!!  Key Word = Midsouth = Be careful!!! She is Full of Lies "Buyer Beware & You have been Warned" This is nothing to do with competition. This is about Ethics and Truth. You will know who she is when you associate her voice with the corrupt neighborhood, Which is in the Mid - SouthShe will lie and deny it's her, can you blame her. It's all the Truth. If she lies and says it is not her, well, ask her to provide litter registrations records of the two sisters and you will see for yourself. But, she will say. I can't get the records from AKC. And I say, yes you can, we already checked with Kim the AKC Inspector and only the breeder can get the records from AKC. We did our home work with AKC!!! Remember we are AKC, Inspected and Certified. Paul & Cindy  Last Update.December 04, 2007.

Three reasons why a breeder gets inspected by AKC. 1) some one turns them in. 2) 25 or more, paper.  transactions, per year. 3) registering 7 or more litters per year.  How could the Con Queen pass AKC, Inspection. with flying colors. Very simple. As long as the dogs are cared for and have food and water. then you pass even being locked in a crate most of there life because they can't go out at night time because of the Hood. Now you know why they are happily and protected with constant care, cause of the Hood. Neighborhood that is. We have been AKC inspected and passed with flying colors. Now as for all the above mentioned on this page. She earned the title, Midsouth Con Queen. It's all documented thru AKC and it's all permitted from AKC, also. What, Oh. Yah. She can legally breed her females 4 or more times in a row with no rest, like she did the two sisters. permitted by AKC. Basically AKC told me that they leave the ethics up to the breeder and now you know that she can breed her females as hard as she does and it's permitted and documented. Everything on this whole Mid South Con Queen page is permitted thru AKC with the exception of her lying on the first litter with the big handsome man, He has sired many litters. She registered her first litter from a neighbors stud and lied and illegally registered that litter under, the big handsome man. The huge, teddy!! bear has sired many litters and his first litter was not his but, well!! She's the Con Queen, Any puppy that is stated to be sired by the huge teddy bear, can be genetically identified and parentage can be positively verified. Opps!! with the Exception of his first litter!! Now. DNA can take her down with $500 up front, once proven that she falsely registered that litter of another, stud. Boom, Booted. Bye ! Bye ! Plus! who ever turns her in, gets refunded the money once proven, thru. DNA. Then the Con Queen will get booted and have to register under, one of the generic, Registries. Ouch!! Like I said, earlier. We did our research. So even the Con Queen can fool, many. But we have the date, litter number and sire and dam, names. the big handsome mans first litter, The big handsome mans first litter, registered is the one that will take her down. Remember. AKC does not enforce, Ethics. So when you have no morals,standards, integrity or Ethics. you have the Con Queen. I did noticed on her site that she paid for, finally! No more pop ups or banners. 2 years, later. She's trying to hide from this page and her title. She thought being AKC, Inspected and passed with flying colors would, dis - credit this page and her title. The Midsouth Con Queen. Wrong!! It's easy to tell who she is. She is the copycat, Con Queen. She copycats our no fly zone, exact same web site, our wording. exact same dog food. Our puppy care kit and even our Bull Terrier, books. Our standards. But she can't copycat, Our Stud males or females and don't even come close to our puppies. She can't copycat the calibre of our Stud, males. females or puppies. calibre =  1 a: degree of mental capacity or moral quality b: degree of excellence or importance. You will also, notice. Where ever you find our web, site. Listed on the internet, you will find her web site, always. below ours!! Why ? She is the copycat Con Queen.  
 Last Update. April 02, 2008