Inbreeding - Linebreeding
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We do not Inbreed or Linebreed, Everybody is Linebreeding but we do not. The Champion breeders are even Linebreeding which Inbreeding and Linebreeding are the same. These people are breeding father to daughter and mother to son but most of them draw the line at brother and sister. All of them will admit to Linebreeding but they will not call it Inbreeding. So be careful of the linebreeders.This is a big issue. And rightly so. nobody wants to bring  home a family pet only to have it diagnosed with a serious or life threatening condition. Vet bills can force people to make harsh decisions. So how to avoid this. Well, I wish I had the exact answer but there is no absolutes when dealing with living creatures. it is like a wicket never ending circle no matter what source you choose be it pet store, private breeder, show breeder. None of them can grantee perfection.The only thing you can do is eliminate the obvious things. First off and I am sure I will get hate mail for writing this but inbreeding of any kind can and will effect the health and mind of your puppy. it is very well known that a larger % of mix breeds go through life with very very limited health problems. this is because they are so out crossed. scientist have proven it over and over and the breeds themselves with their many added congenital defects prove that inbreeding should be stopped. In the show world inbreeding is called Linebreeding.. you can even ask a show breeder do you inbreed. all will say inbreeding is bad but Linebreeding is needed. then if you look at their pedigrees and see what they mean about line breeding you will see half brothers and sisters, grandfathers to granddaughters, cousins and sometimes father to daughter. so basically Linebreeding is just a word used to candy coat the word inbreeding. sure they inbreed some really good looking dogs. Sadly this same information is passed to many hobby breeders trying to copy the show breeders. thinking they are doing right. These are the absolute worse. lesser dogs inbreeding is an even worse nightmare. All inbreeders claim a necessary tool of Linebreeding (inbreeding) is culling. Culling means to remove from the gene pool. pretty much this means death. Some will spay and neuter. there are not so many spayed, neutered show line bred pups advertised! a truth about inbreeding. inbred dogs produce smaller litters. people in the business of breeding puppies for a living are not going to do this for that fact. people that breed for a living sale to brokers because most of them are too busy to deal with the public. people that are breeding for a living do not want to continually produce pups that grow out defective, being that brokers will not deal with breeders that will not stand behind their product. people that breed for hobby or for personal enjoyment do not have the same motives as a person who makes their sole living off of breeding. just a basic fact of the business. deal with business people or egos. that is the choice. just be careful what kind of business person you are dealing with. Author, Superstar Puppies.