Lori Barry, Kalkaska Michigan
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  Update !! April 1I, 2012 - I believe that the Inbred queen is now using ebay to sell her puppies, there is a listing on there now and buyer beware !!

 Warning " Lori Barry ( Left )  of Kalkaska Michigan PO Box 1255 Zip 49646     adopted Pandora from us almost 3 years ago and if you purchased a puppy from her 3-5 months ago you purchased an Inbred which she also has another litter of Inbreds due in September 2010. Did you wonder why the puppies were only $600 and not AKC registered and registered through Continental Kennel Club. The reason why there registered CKC is we have the AKC papers on Chase, Lori thought she would pull a slick one on me but we have an answer for her.   Lori is breeding Pandora to Pandora's  half brother, Which Pandora's half brother is name Chase and we have the AKC papers on Chase ( Dickey ) with his DNA on record at AKC.   Plus she studded Chase out to a female in the Grand Rapids area ( Possibly Three Rivers, Mi ) So when someone does what she has done it makes me question if she is an Inbred. Needless to say she will be stopped from Inbreeding. When the Judge orders Chase ( Dickey ) to have a DNA, she loses Chase and No more Inbreeding. ( Update ) Lori Barry is now selling her Inbred special's on puppyfind for $150 and you have to upgrade to view her profile. She has removed the advertisement from puppy find and now she has a weekend special on hoobly.com for $ 150.